release your dead

Some life changes

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Outtake of Lana Del Rey photographed by Nicole Nodland for L’Officiel Paris (2013)

I know I haven’t kept in touch with my friends, I still care about all of you

I’m just so exhausted 

everything is exhausting

I know it bothers my mom to view me as a sexual person but I’m 20, time to grow up

I can’t help that it makes you uncomfortable, that’s just something you’re going to have to eventually accept

2 random dating tips that I’ll probably delete later because who am I to give dating advice:

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I’m in a very affectionate mood rn and he is not here to kiss and cuddle 


ROBERT WUN SS/14 ‘E•den’ Campaign for I.T POST ISSUE 15: “BIG LOVE” •Directed by Robert WunPhotography by Sebastian Abugattas